Vonmahlen – Quality Design for your Device | Review

You know what it’s like. You are getting set for your daily commute and you pack your iPhone, Android Phone, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita and/or Tablet and portable charger into your bag and along with it about five different cables to ensure you can keep them all powered on for the entire day. It’s the same when you go on holiday, which as we all know is quite annoying since space is at a premium.

So step forward Vonmahlen, a relatively new company which as well as focusing on giving you the ultimate convenience also seems to have an eye for fantastic design.

We were sent three items to test out from Vonmahlen and have been extremely impressed with all of them, so much so that they might just make it into our bag in place of the half dozen or so cables.

High Five Signature

The first device we tested was the excellent keyring sized High Five. This clever 5in1 Charging cable was the Winner of the Red Dot Design Award for 2019 and for good reason.

First off, it looks fantastic when attached to your keys, but more importantly than that, it’s the world’s first 5in1 charging cable for your keyring.

There are five different connections so it can charge any standard portable device and since you can attach it to your car keys you’ll always have it with you. No more forgetting your charger.

Using the charger is simple enough, you can take off the end, which then gives you access to USB-C in and out, Lightning connection, Micro USB and USB. This allows you to charge your iPhone, iPad, Android device or even your Nintendo Switch using your power source of choice.

Sure the cable is fairly short, but it’s still a convenient way to charge should you not have access to any of your normal cables and it looks fantastic too. We love it!

You can buy the High Five here.


If you would prefer a device which gives you a little more stretch, then the Allroundo is a fantastic alternative.

This is another 5in1 charger, except this time you have a cable attached, allowing you to insert your devices into a plug or sit them on a table when charging, while still being able to use your phone for various tasks.

As with the High Five, the Allroundo will allow you to charge any of the devices you have at hand.

The charger comes neatly packaged in a round case and has a stretchy cable which flicks neatly back into place once you no longer need it. Using the Allroundo is as simple as picking the connection you need and attaching it to your device.

There are two USB-C Connectors included, as well as USB-A, Lighting and Micro-USB, so you should be able to charge any device you have at hand.

Charging speed is 5v, with a data transfer speed of 480 MBit/s.

Again this device has also award-winning, boasting the German Design Award Special for 2019.

The Allroundo yet another wonderfully designed product which makes a great alternative to carrying around a whole bunch of cables.

You can buy Allroundo here.


The final device sent to us by Vonmahlen was the Backflip, a great little versatile device which saves you from hand ache when holding your mobile.

Backflip is a comfortable and multi-functional grip for your phone, but is also so much more than that, since it also flips into a kickstand for hands-free viewing of videos or pictures on your phone.

The Backflip is Universal for all smartphones and only weighs in at 9g. What I love most about it though is that it’s ultra slim, therefore not making your phone look ugly, which is a reason I’d be against using these types of devices.

Using the Backflip is easy, you simply peel the sticker and attach it to your mobile and believe me, once you do this it isn’t going anywhere. I have tested the Backflip with my iPhone XS Max and can confirm it works perfectly with a case too, which is great if you want to continue protecting your phone while using the Backflip. It even comes with a few spare stickers, should you change mobile.

Finally, the Backflip also comes with a magnetic mount, allowing you to mount your mobile to your car dashboard or wherever else you would like.

This is another great and well designed product from Vonmahlen, a company we reckon you should be keeping an eye on.



Final Score



  • Great Compact Design
  • Lots of Connectivity Options


  • N/A