Tropo Pump Review

Summertime is here, which means you’ll need to start training your lungs for the sheer amount of inflatables you are about to blow up. Whether it is swimming pools, footballs, beach balls or even balloons, chances are you won’t have much breath left soon into the sunny season. If only there was a solution for this.

So step forward the Tropo Pump, a small device about the size of a Rubix Cube, which is only just big enough to house the four ‘AAA’ batteries which power this handy device.

The Tropo Pump takes away the manual labour of inflating anything thanks to its surprisingly powerful inflation ability, not only that but it can suck air away too, making deflating these items just as easy as blowing them up. Of course, it’s all a lot more hygienic too since you no longer have to put your lips to anything inflatable, just select one of the many included attachments to inflate/deflate your inflatable of choice and turn it on. Simple and effective too.

As far as the design goes there’s not a lot to say really. The shape is square with rounded corners, a couple of air holes for inflation/deflation and the on/off switch. The device isn’t too loud, think hair dryer and you are probably thinking along the right track.

Do you need a Tropo Pump? Well, that depends how much time you want to spend blowing things up and then deflating them again. Personally I think it is a handy little device and it doesn’t break the bank either.

You can back the Tropo Pump on Indigogo right now and earn an early adopters discount.

Tropo Pump





  • Great Size
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