Today’s Best Deals – July 14, 2020

We’d normally be talking about Amazon Prime Day around about now, however this has been delayed at least into next month, so for now we have other deals to bring you, which in some ways are just as exciting.

Before we get started, don’t forget you can pre-order Ghost of Tsushima which arrives on PS4 this week. Amazon currently has a exclusive edition which comes with the steelbook seen below for £49.99. It’s idea for collectors.

You can also pre-order the latest games from Ubisoft, including Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion. All of these come in various editions, depending on how much you would like to invest in the game. Remember, if you purchase these games on PS4 or Xbox One, then you can have a free upgrade should you then own the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. 

So anyway. On to some of the best deals of today and don’t forget you can see all of today’s deals that we post on our Twitter and Facebook pages right here.

Today’s Best Deals

If you are looking for a new monitor then Amazon currently has a great saving on the Omen Gaming Monitor. It’s a 1080p monitor, with a whopping 240MHz support, so if you are after a decent frame rate then you won’t go far wrong here. Currently the Omen is £449 which is around 10% off it’s usual price. 

Here are some other stand out deals in consumer electronics today:

Moving away from Amazon for a minute, we’d be amiss to not let you know about the fantastic deal you can get on PlayStation Network prices at

The specialist video games retailer is all about saving you money and just look at these savings.

We’ve used ShopTo many times for PSN Credit and have yet to experience an issue. Generally the credit is in your account within minutes, so you can spend them on PlayStation Store sales, or anything you like really.

Anyway, it’s back to more deals now and we’ve go a few more of our favorite items on sale today and here they are:

Love Music?

Then Amazon is currently offering a 90 Day Trial on Amazon Music, so if you would like to try it out then you can currently do so for free, providing you have not made use of the trial before.

Sign up here.


That’s it for now, though if we see any other deals which really stand out today then we’ll be adding then on this page, so keep checking, either that or follow our Twitter and Facebook pages to get the deals as they happen. After all, prices are subject to change and often change quickly.