Soundpeats Q30 Wireless Headphones | Review

We previously reviewed the Soundpeats B10U, B30 and B50 headphones, all of which offered a varying level of quality, while remaining at a great price. Now it is the turn of the Soundpeats Q30 Bluetooth Headphones, which offer the best quality yet, wireless freedom and a great price point.

Much like the B30 Headphones, the experience starts with the packaging, which when opened greets you with a solid and quality looking headphone. Looking further into the box you’ll find all the various fittings you need to make sure the headphones fit comfortably and you’ll also find a leather pouch should you wish to store the Q30s when on your travels. 

Of course what you want to know is how well these work and thankfully they do not disappoint. First of all, the Q30’s address a major issue we had with the other Soundpeats in that they add a volume control. This really is essential, especially in wireless headphones, so it’s great to see this function present, along with the Mic and Play/Recieve button. 

Before getting started with the Q30’s you’ll charge them via USB, although you won’t have to do this a lot throughout the day thanks to their ability to hold an 8-hour charge. I’ve been using them at the gym a lot and while my usual Sennheiser Momentum Headphones are fantastic for this, the cable often gets caught and on occasion, causes me to throw my phone on the floor, so the wireless freedom offered by the Q30’s is pretty fantastic, even is the sound quality is sacrificed just a little.   

Setting the Q30’s up is simple. You hold down the middle button to enter discovery mode, find them on your iPhone and that’s about it. Once you have connected, each time you turn on your headphones they automatically connect. It’s simple and quite convenient really. Another neat feature is that the back of each headphone is magnetic, therefore when you are not using them you can stick them together around your neck, meaning it’s likely you’ll never lose them.

With great sound quality, high portability, wireless freedom and sweat-proof earbuds, the Soundpeats Q30s are ideal for the gym, or even walking around the home while you are charging your mobile. They’ve all but replaced my Sennheiser Momentum Headphones at the moment thanks mostly to the convenience of not having to be attached to my phone. I love them and I’m sure you will too. 

Soundpeats Q30 Wireless Headphones


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  • High Quality
  • Wireless Freedom
  • Great Price
  • Good Battery


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