Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro – Total Wireless Headphones | Review

While there are plenty of total wireless headphones out there for under £100 or even under £50 which do an amazing job (see the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo we have reviewed here for an example). Sometimes you just want to take a step up in quality and to do so you need to spend a little more.

Of course when you think of spending more on total wireless headphones you may be thinking about the Power Beats Pro or the excellent Sony MX3s, both of which are well over £200 and while these are no doubt a great choice, what if I told you that you could spend a lot less for headphones which will not only blow your mind but also pack in features that some of those more expensive headphones are missing? You’re listening, right?

Step forward the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro from Anker. A new total wireless headphone which not only promises in-ear studio performance but delivers it too.

This is all thanks to Anker’s Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture which packs in a balanced armature driver for mids and highs, as well as an 11mm dynamic driver for highs and lows. This is all complimented with a concentric design for harmonised bass and treble, providing a studio quality, natural sound, which means you hear the music the way it was intended.

When first seeing the box I was a little sceptical about the boast that the Liberty 2 Pro true wireless earphones are recommended by 10 Grammy Award winning producers, but the minute I synced them to my iPhone and played some music I was blown away. The bass is incredible for such a small pair of in-ear wireless headphones and the treble equally as impressive. It all makes listening to your music even more of a pleasure.

Speaking of pairing, this couldn’t have been simpler. All you need to do is hold down the button to enter discovery mode and connect to them via your device. In my case I use an iPhone, so once connected they are always ready. Simply take them out the case and you are good to go.

The case is another feature I want to mention. It is very sleak, sliding open in a space age fashion to reveal your headphones. It is also charged via USB-C, which is a nice addition. Want to be even more impressed? The case also features wireless charging too.

As for the playtime, you can get a whopping 8 hours out of the Liberty 2 Pros, which blows away the Sony 1000MX3s 6 hours and it continues to best the Sony’s once again with the case offering a further 32 hours of playtime, giving you an extra two hours of listening time from just 10 minutes in the case.

Other features include 4-Mic Noise Reduction and this really works since I’ve been testing these both in the gym and at home and was never once disturbed by outside noise.

If you are worried about these being uncomfortable or falling out then don’t be. Like I say, I’ve been testing them for a few weeks and go to the gym nearly every day and not once have they fallen out. They really are a fantastic fit and with 7 pairs of full sized ear tips included in the box you are sure to find the fit for you. You’ll also be pleased to hear the Liberty Pro 2 are certified sweatproof.

In addition to the above, you are able to download Anker’s HearID App from both the Apple and Android stores. This allows you to customise your headphones to your liking. This includes changing the function of the buttons, allowing you to swap in volume control. I would have liked a permanent volume button on the headphones, but at least the app gives you a choice of the functions you’d like to use the buttons for. As standard, the buttons stop/start and skip music tracks, while also controlling calls by answering/hanging up. So in this respect, the app is definitely worth downloading to give you that extra control.

As mentioned the music quality from these headphones is truly stunning and the call quality is just as good with both the mic being clear to the person on the other side of your call and the caller being crystal clear too, with absolutely no drop out. But it’s with music that the Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless Headphones really shine. They are incredible and at £149 blow Apples Own Airpods of out the water and even the more expensive competition too.

In my opinion, the Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless Headphones are the best out there.


Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro


Final Score



  • Incredible Sound
  • Fantastic Design
  • Comfortable
  • Wireless Charging
  • Up to 32 Hours Listening Time


  • No volume control as standard