Save up to £5 off a £40, £10 off £75 and £25 off a £150 video game spend with Amazon

Amazon is currently offering money off video game spends of over £40, £75 and £150, meaning you can save big on current releases, pre-orders and consoles.

If you are planning on pre-ordering any games then using the code ‘VG5OFF40’, you can get £5 off a £40 spend and remember, if you are a Prime member then you’ll also save another £2 on most pre-orders.

Planning to buy more than one game at once? Well, you can save £10 using the code ‘VG10OFF75’ on a £75 spend and once again save £2 on each pre-order with prime, saving you at least £14. Want a console or just to buy a load of games at once? Then you can save £25 using the code ‘VG25OFF150’ on a £150 spend.

We’ve been looking out for some deals based on this and have found loads. You’ll see them all on our Twitter account, but here’s a list of some of our favorites:

Remember, you can use all of these codes once, so you can order multiple games and make big savings.

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