Save money with Add-On Deals

Did you know that Amazon UK offers huge discounts on certain items if you spend over £20? 

Add-on Items are low-priced products for sale on Amazon that can be purchased as long as you’re ordering at least £20 of eligible products, having previously only been available in multi-pack sizes. Only items dispatched from Amazon are part of the Add-on Items programme, so items dispatched directly from Marketplace Sellers don’t count towards the minimum order amount. Add-on Items are also included in the Subscribe & Save programme, so you can subscribe to an Add-on item without meeting the £20 minimum order threshold. 

There is all manner of items includes in the Add On Program, as listed here and this means it’s well worth checking should your order exceed £20. Whether you want a cheap Sharpie, WD-40a new Pyrex Dish or a Flash Drive, its well worth looking just in case there’s something you can grab for cheaper, which you needed anyway.