Ravpower GoPro Hero 5/6 Dual Battery and Charger pack | Review

Anyone who owns a GoPro will know that one thing you can guarantee is a drained battery. Generally, you’ll get around 1-2 hours of footage, depending on the resolution you are using, before you’re rushing back to your car/house or hunting through your backpack for a power bank to gain a little more juice. Obviously then it makes sense to have a spare, although if you opt for an official GoPro battery you’ll be paying the price.

Thankfully then Ravpower has come to the rescue as not only can you get two batteries for around the same price as the official version, but you get a USB charger thrown in too.

Coming in at around the same size as a GoPro Hero 5, the Ravpower Dual Battery and Charger pack offers everything you would expect and more. The charger connects via the included USB cable or USB-C if you would prefer to use your own cable. It houses two batteries at a time, meaning that for the current cost of £20 (you can currently get the charger for £13 with this deal) you’ll have two 1260mAH batteries, as well as the battery which comes with your GoPro, meaning you should have unlimited scope for filming when your out and about.

As always with RavPower, the cheap cost does not mean a detriment to the performance or quality. Despite its small size, this charger feels well built and is beautifully presented in its packaging. It’s lightweight, will be easy to carry within your current set up and as previously mentioned, won’t break the bank. As for the batteries, they get up to full power quickly, hold an excellent charge and not only match the official battery but can even exceed the performance.

Whether you are taking time-lapse videos, photos or upping the resolution to 4K, the RAVPower Hero Camera Battery Charger Set is a must-have for any Go Pro Hero 5/6 owner.



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  • Great Value
  • Compact Size
  • Two Batteries
  • Long Lasting


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