Lombex Smart LED Sensor Bulb | Review

We’ve already reviewed the Phillips Hue lighting system, the Lombex WiFi Smart LED Bulb and the Lombex Light Strip, so now it’s time to complete our coverage of these products with a review of the Lombex Smart LED Sensor Bulb. As you have probably guessed from the name, the main difference between this light and others is that it uses motion sensor technology to turn on and off, which is great if you want to pop into the kitchen quickly at night, or have forgotten to do something in the living room before heading to bed.

What’s fantastic about this bulb is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors, the latter making it great for security. It helps too that the bulb looks great and has a very modern look, although the main benefit is that when motion is used it’ll light up the room, allowing you to easily find your way around the home without fumbling around for a light switch. Of course, should you use this as an outdoor bulb then it should also help deter anyone from wandering around your property, which is yet another reason this is a great purchase.

So how does it work? Well, using the bulbs motion technology, it’ll become aware when you or anyone else is within range and automatically switch on. Should you then leave the room, it’ll then switch off after 90 seconds. What’s great about this is that it saves you energy, although the Wattage of the motion sensor bulb is 7W, which is equivalent to 60W on normal lights, so even when it is on it’s not costing you all that much.

We’ve been pretty impressed with Lombex’s Products in our recent reviews and this bulb is no different. It’s cheap but has enough quality for you to justify the purchase. 

Lombex Smart LED Bulb


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  • Cheap
  • Works Great
  • Very Bright
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