Lagunamoon Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set | Review

We’ve been playing around with various Aromatherapy Oils recently thanks to the arrival of the Aukey Diffuser. Searching around for oils isn’t easy, although we stumbled across this Lagunamoon Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set and we’re so glad we did.

Coming in at around £10.99, for this price you’ll get six different essential oils, which we’re sure you will agree is great value. This includes six of the most popular oils around such as Orange, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass. Delivery was as fast as next day, while we were also surprised by the presentation, with the oils coming in a smart black box, with the company logo and inside, each are divided, allowing you to pick the oil you want without too much hassle.

The oils themselves seem very high quality, with the aroma from just a few drops lasting for hours in our diffuser, each also have a very pleasant scent, which of course is very important. Other information you might like to know is that each oil contains no additives, fillers, bases or carriers added and are in fact 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. 

Whether you plan to use these oils with a diffuser, oil burner or skin care, you can be sure you’ll be getting a high-quality product with this Lagunamoon Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set.

Lagunamoon Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set


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