iXCC Charger Cable for iPhone | Review

With so many Apple products around the house, it’s always handy to have a few spare cables to make sure there are no arguments when it comes to charging the family devices. Step forward iXCC with this good value cable, which comes in various lengths.

Despite a low cost, this cable is obviously of high quality, comparing well to Apple’s own cable and even other popular brands. I’ve found in the past that choosing a cable is difficult, with many feeling flimsy and often breaking after just a few uses, however, I have no such worries with this product thanks to its high quality and the backup of a one year warranty for piece of mind.

Given the cable is MFI certified, you can also rest assured that it won’t damage your devices and will charge any lightning port carrying devices, which is not something I can say for other cables I’ve used in the past.

There’s not too much more I can say really, it is only a cable after all, but it does its job and is therefore highly recommended by me.

iXCC Charger Cable for iPhone


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  • Good Quality
  • Cheaper than Apple


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