iStar Wireless Charger | Review

Wireless charging is the latest tech to hit mobile phones and it seems to be spreading, with Samsung kicking things off and Apple now joining in with the iPhone X and iPhone 8. As you would expect, the official charging pads for these and other mobile phones usually come at a cost, luckily though, there are plenty of cheaper solutions out there.

The charging pad we’ve been trying out is the iStar Wireless Charger, it’s a small black, thin device which lights up with an attractive blue LED to let you know it’s working. It’s pretty easy to set up, you simply plug the USB cable into the charger and then attach the other end to either a USB source or plug it into a USB plug and into an electrical outlet. To charge your mobile device you simply place it on the pad, although it’s wise to remove any protective cases and align the device with the charger to ensure effective charging.

The pad, which is pretty slim and lightweight, includes an intelligent heat dispersion design for efficient charging, while the included cable comes in at 1.2 m, making it long enough to reach the power source. In addition, the charging pad & feet are non-slip, ensuring the security of your device.

There’s not really a lot more to say other than it does the job and at the current price of £9.97 (at the time of writing), the iStar Wireless Charger is a cheap and attractive way of charging your mobile device without having to spend a fortune. What more could you want?

iStar Wireless Charger


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  • Cheap
  • Does the job
  • Thin and lightweight


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