Hori Mini Gamepad | Review

A PS4 controller for small hands? What a great idea and it’s one which hasn’t come from Sony itself, but Hori, a third-party hardware developer with an eye for decently designed hardware.

The Hori Mini Gamepad is licensed, so includes everything you would expect from a DualShock 4, including the famous square, circle, triangle and X face buttons, the D-pad, two analogue sticks and of course the L1, L2 and R1, R2 buttons. But what about the touchpad? Well to make up for this a small touchpad button has been included, allowing you quick access to menus, maps etc depending on the game’s functions. Even better, there is also a small touchpad function button at the bottom of the controller, so should the touchpad be used for more complicated actions, then you can replicate these movements with the left and right analogue sticks.

Of course, the main reason for the Hori Mini Gamepad is the size and in this respect, it works wonderfully. I guess you could say it’s like a normal DualShock 4 but with the handles removed, therefore making it the perfect size for smaller hands. The controller still feels like it has a bit of weight to it, while the buttons are also spaced out well enough not to interfere with your gaming too much. In fact, I used it to play Batman: The Telltale Series and found it a pleasure to use.

What I like about the design is that it includes a nice long cable, which easily stretches across the room. The buttons on the controller have a quality feel to them, as do the analogue sticks and they also click down without any issues, as you would expect. If you like to have a choice when it comes to the colour, then you’ll also be pleased to know that the Hori Mini Gamepad also comes in three different colours, Red, Blue and Black.

At around the £20 mark, the Hori Mini Gamepad seems idea for children, those with smaller hands or those just looking for a spare wired controller to have around the house. We think it’s fantastic and we’re sure you will too.

Hori Mini Gamepad


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  • Compact Size
  • Quality Feel
  • Long Cable
  • Choice of Colours


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