HOMFA 9 Cube Display | Review

I’ve been looking for a new unit for the Living Room for quite some time. Something which we could place photos on, a lamp, a few plants and ornaments, in order to make the place look a little more homely.

Step forward the HOMFA 9 Cube Display.

It didn’t take me long to choose this unit. It looked attractive enough from the images and the user reviews were fairly decent, so I pressed the order button. The unit took around a week to be delivered and came in a large box. To be honest, I was expecting some IKEA level building skills to be required once I’d emptied out the contents, but putting it together could not have been easier. Each piece simply slid into each other with only the top and sides requiring to be screwed in.

This was easy enough, well until I came across the one screw without a head. Luckily I had a few others around the house, so this didn’t present too much of a problem, however, it would have been nice for a few extra screws to be included. Luckily there were no other issues with building the unit, with everything else being pretty straightforward.

Once I placed the unit, we were pretty pleased with how it looked, although there is one glaring issue which I feel needs to be addressed – it doesn’t come with any screw caps. What this means, is because you screw the top and sides straight into the shelves, the screw heads are exposed. This isn’t an issue if one side is against the wall, however, it does mean that everyone can see the screws from the side which is exposed. I feel it wouldn’t cost much to include some white screw caps, it would make the unit much more attractive.

The seller’s solution to my issue with the screw caps was to cover the side in a ‘nice wall paper,’ but this wouldn’t be necessary if they went to the small expense of providing the solution I need in order to make the built unit feel finished.

This issue aside, it’s a great unit.

HOMFA 9 Cube Display


Our Rating



  • Sturdy
  • Easy to build
  • Cheap
  • Quite Attractive


  • Feels unfinished
  • Needs spare screws