Encafire E60 Wireless Sport Earbuds | Review

Not everyone can afford the latest Apple Airpods or maybe you just don’t like taking them to the gym in case you lose them.

Either way, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there and while they may not have the same sound quality as their more expensive counterparts, they are still well worth considering.

Take the Encafire E60 Wireless Earbuds

These attractive looking wireless headphones come boasting an 8 Hour Ultra-long Playtime, Wireless Charging Technology, Touch Control & Volume Control as well as being IPX8 Waterproof. 

Not bad for £40 (currently £30 with the £10 off voucher via Amazon).

I have to admit to being fairly impressed with the Encafire E60 and first impressions certainly helped.

Being an owner of the Apple Airpod Pros, I knew how convenient it was to be able to easily connect your headphones without the hassle and thankfully the Encafire E60 also has a similar feature. 

On first connecting, you simply take the headphones out of the case and select them on your Bluetooth list. Once connected, from then on you just need to put them in your ears and you are good to go.

The headphones also come with touch gestures, so tapping on the left or right headphone once will answer a call while holding it for two seconds will reject the call.

When it comes to music you can tap once to play and pause, double-tap the right headphone to skip and the left to return to a previous song. Finally, you can also adjust the volume by touching and holding the right headphone to increase the volume and the left to decrease it.

So pretty convenient then for a £40 pair of headphones.

When it comes to charging, the case is wireless charging compatible, so you are able to charge up your headphones quite easily and they will last, as advertised, a good eight hours.

They even come with a large set of earbuds, enabling you to get the perfect fit.

All the features of a more expensive headphone, for a fraction of the cost. So what’s the catch?

Well, having tested them against the Apple Airpod Pro I have to say, I’m very impressed. In all honesty, there isn’t really all that much of a difference.

Sure the Apple Airpod Pros do come out on top in terms of bass, highs and lows, but it’s pretty marginal and a lot closer than you might expect.

With the Apple Airpods you are paying for a brand but you’d expect the sound quality of the Apple Airpod Pros to blow the Encafire E60s out of the water and it really doesn’t, if anything the Airpod Pros just give them a little splash, but even then the Encafire E60s are waterproof, so take that Apple.

No matter what song I played, the headphones managed to bring out the sound of the music fantastically. There’s no hiss, no background noise, just crystal clear music, a lovely balanced bass and even better, they are loud too, allowing you to drown out the outside world as long as you fit the perfect sized earbuds.

The same can be said for when talking, phone calls, watching movies. Whatever you use the Encafire E60s for, they are more than up to the task.

Am I Impressed? For £40 the Encafire E60 have blown me away with their quality.  

The Encafire E60 where kindly send to us for review by the manufacturer. You can find out more about the company at enacfire.com.

Encafire E60


Final Score



  • Amazing Sound for the Price
  • Lovely Design
  • Touch Features
  • Comfortable and Secure


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