DOX | Portable Speaker for Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation | Review

I have a few Echo Dots in my house and I love them. Being able to ask what the weather’s going to be like, switch my lights on and off thanks to Phillips Hue and even ask the odd joke now and again. It’s a wonderful device, but the only issue with it comes when playing music, because let’s face it, the speaker on the Echo Dot isn’t very good. 

This is where the Dox Portable Speaker comes in, allowing to you boost the sound coming from your Echo Dot, while even making it portable, allowing you to take it with you anywhere within the home. This sleek speaker includes a with built-in rechargeable battery, giving up to 6 hours music playback from a single charge. It’s simple to use too, as you slide the Echo Dot into the gap at the top of the speaker and attach the included USB and Line Out cables. You then simply plug the second USB cable into your power source and then you can use the Echo Dot immediately, while the speaker will charge up at the same time.

Should you want to take the speaker elsewhere in the house, then once charged you can, be that the kitchen or anywhere else you’d like to listen to music.

What’s great about the Dox is it allows you to use Alexa as normal, meaning the buttons on the Dot will still control the volume, while voice commands will also work as you would expect, although thanks to the built-in premium 10W amplifier, stereo speakers and a passive subwoofer, you’ll get a great boost in sound, which is far superior the sound you’ll usually get from the Echo Dot.

Of course for the price you’re not going to get the best speaker in the world, with the sound quality is inferior to that of say, the Anker Soundcore, however, it does have good bass and is a much better alternative to the Echo Dot’s sound output and also may suit those who’d rather have both units in one, rather than having the Dot connect to another speaker via Bluetooth.

At the current cost of £29.97, the Dox is a fantastic way to turn your Echo Dot into an all in one speaker with superior sound. It also looks quite attractive, giving a similar look to the new Amazon Echo Speaker, although it’s not quite as sleek and doesn’t sound quite as good as that particular device. 

DOX | Portable Speaker for Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation


Our Rating



  • Low cost
  • Improved sound for Dot
  • Good fit for Dot


  • Not as good as stand alone Bluetooth Speakers of a similar price