Aukey Ultra Compact Dash Cam | Review

When it comes to choosing a Dashcam there are certainly plenty out there to choose from and I for one would not know where to begin. Things important to me are that it takes a standard Micro SD card, making it easy to watch any footage and send it to police, insurance companies etc in the unlikely event of an accident. It’s also important that it is small and compact and that any cables can be placed out of site. Luckily the Aukey Ultra Compact Dash Cam ticks all of these boxes and more.

When I first received dashcam from Aukey I was very surprised at is size. It’s so small and considering this camera packs in Full HD 1080p at 30fps using an Advanced Sony Exmor Sensor, a 6-lane super-wide 170° field of view and the ability to capture stills and audio in addition to video. It also has a slot for a Micro SD Card, which slides right into the top of the camera. Other features include Clear Night Vision, an Emergency Recording Mode, activated by internal gravity sensor, which automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and protects them against being overwritten and a motion sensor which will record anyone or anything which appears in front of your vehicle.

My wife has her own business and van, so therefore it seems the logical choice to have her test out the dashcam. Fitting it to the van was easy, she has no rearview mirror since it’s not needed in her van, so we placed the camera just below where the mirror would normally be, connected it to the USB cable and ran it around the edges of the window and van to the power outlet, using the included suction cup and cable mounts to keep things nice and tidy.

What’s great about the dashcam is that it automatically comes on when you start the engine and it’ll keep recording, looping over itself when you run out of memory. I used a 16GB card, so have quite a lot of room. To be honest in general you eventually get used to this little camera being there and don’t even notice it after a while, so it never imposes on your driving view, it’ll just sit there, recording away until you need it.

I didn’t really suspect we would need the camera, thinking it’d be great just for peace of mind more than anything else, but just before writing this review my wife did actually capture an accident when driving along, luckily she was not involved, but we did send the resultant footage, as seen below, to the police, just in case it was needed. This incident alone proves how useful it is to have a dashcam, as if it happened a few minutes later there’s no doubt the footage would have been very useful for insurance purposes. Just to note, when my wife witnessed this incident, she simply pushed the hazard button and the footage was protected, meaning that the recording would continue to loop, but the last few minutes was saved for us to review later.

The Aukey Ultra Compact Dash Cam is a very useful and quality item to own. It’s well built, looks fantastic and as you can see above, comes in very useful. What’s not to love?

*This Dash Cam was kindly provided to us by Aukey for review purposes*

Aukey Ultra Compact Dash Cam


Our Rating



  • Compact
  • Great design
  • Great value
  • Quality video


  • Cables can be fiddly to fix in place