Aukey Table Lamp | Review

If you are looking for a lamp for your bedroom then the Aukey Touch Sensitive Table Lamp may be the one for you.

We were sent one recently for review and I set it up in my son’s bedroom since he’s always sitting there on his PlayStation in the dark. Before writing this review I asked his opinion the lamp and he said, it’s excellent, so there we go.

The Aukey Touch Sensitive Table Lamp is ideal for the bedroom given that it has three brightness levels of ‘soft’, ‘moderate’, and ‘bright’. Not only that but it will also cycle through an extensive selection of colours should you hold the button slightly longer. Another touch will then see the lamp stay on the colour of your choice, which is ideal for a child’s bedroom and even for gaming really, allowing you to change the colours to suit. 

What’s great about the lamp is that it provides full 360 degrees control. You simply touch your hand against it to turn it on, hold it there a little longer for colour and if there is a colour you like, another touch does the trick. Choosing the level of brightness is just as simple. 

The lamp has a fantastic, minimalist design, seeing it blend in and not look out of place, which means it will be great wherever you use it, be that the living room, hallway, bedroom or elsewhere. 

As with all Aukey Products, you’ll get the standard 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty and everything else you need to get started, such as the user manual, AC Adapter and access to the excellent customer service line should you run into any issues.

Overall this is an absolutely fantastic, well-made lamp at an excellent price. As my son says, It’s ‘excellent’ and there’s not much more I can add to that.

Aukey Table Lamp


Our Rating



  • Wide range of colours
  • Touch sensitive
  • Great design
  • Three brightness settings