Aukey Power Bank 10000mAh, Compact Portable Charger | Review

We’ve tried a few portable chargers now with disappointing results, however, the Aukey Poker Bank 10000mAh may be about to change our view.

One of the first things which stand out about the Aukey Charger is the slick design, which is compact with a feeling of quality. What I really like is the ability to power on and off the battery, while the power indicator lets you know when the battery is fully charged/almost used up. A simple tap of the power button will turn the charger on, while a double tap will turn it off again, allowing you to save power in between charging your phone or phones since it has an outlet for two USB devices.

Stats from Aukey itself suggests the 10000mAh capacity has the ability to fully charge an iPhone 7 up to 3.7 times, an iPhone 6s up to 4 times, a Galaxy S7 up to 2 times and a Nexus 5X up to two times. We’ve only tried it with an iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but from our tests, this does seem to be quite accurate, indeed you can also use it to charge your Nintendo Switch, giving you a little extra power on a long journey.

Coming with a Micro USB cable, the Aukey Power Charger seems to be everything you need to charge your mobile phone fast and the compact nature means it’s pretty simple to carry around in your pocket without taking up too much real estate. 

At the time of writing it’s currently selling for £15.99 on Amazon UK and is well worth the cost.

Aukey Power Bank 10000mAh, Compact Portable Charger


Our Rating



  • Long lasting charge
  • Compact
  • Well Designed
  • Two USB Outlets
  • Power Button


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