Aukey LED Lamp | Review

There are many options when it comes to desk lamps, however, it’ll be difficult to find a better one than the Aukey LED Touch Control Lamp, which is both portable, cable free and also offers touch controls.

Aukey’s latest lamp is small enough to fit into a bag along with your laptop or other devices, making it an ideal travel companion. You are able to use it on the train, plane or even in the car, simply by flipping it open to the desired angle and tapping the touch control one of three times to get your desired brightness. The lamp is charged via USB, therefore if you wish you can keep it hooked up to your laptop while you work, or unplug it should you not be near a power source.

As mentioned you can access three different types of brightness, however, an even more impressive feature is that there are three different colour modes too. By holding your finger across the touch button you’ll gain access to all three shades, which makes this lamp even more incredible, especially when you consider that at the time of writing it only costs £12.99. Great value indeed.

Other features of the lamp include a built-in memory function which remembers your previous settings, meaning that it’ll revert back to your previous preference as soon as you flip the lamp up and turn it on.

Given that I got my daughter to test the lamp out for me, it was important that it didn’t get too hot to touch, but it seems I needn’t have worried as the lamp seems to stay pretty cool, no matter how long you leave it on. There’s also no flickering either, so when she was doing her homework I didn’t need to worry that it was having any adverse effect on her eyesight.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the Aukey LED Touch Control Lamp. There’s no doubt that it ticks all the boxes, as it’s cheap, feels well built, has numerous functions, is portable and is safe for children to use. What more can you as for from a portable lamp?

Aukey LED Lamp


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  • Portable
  • Good Brightness Options
  • Various Colour Options
  • Great Battery


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