Aukey 2 in 1 Lens Kit | Review

I’ve never really thought of why I would want a lens kit for my iPhone before, but then that’s why we have companies like Aukey, who think outside the box and therefore make life easier for amateur photographers who may just want to get a little more out of their mobile or tablets camera. 

Coming in at just £15.99 at the time of writing, the Aukey 2 in 1 Lens Kit allows you to use the Macro Lens to get you 15X closer to your subject for extremely detailed close-ups of textures and objects, which as you can see from our sample picture really does make a difference when getting up close and personal. If that’s not enough, the Lens also includes a Wide Angle option too, which rather than getting up close opens up your field of view for fantastic landscape photos, or if you like, to fit a few more people in a group photo.

I have to admit to being extremely impressed with the quality of the lens, which while compact also feels like it has tremendous build quality and of course, it takes some pretty stunning photos too with minimal ghosting, reflections and lens flare. What’s also impressive is how easy it is to use. Simply screw the lens onto the included clip, hook it over the lens of your camera and you can start taking photos immediately. 

As mentioned, from the few simple photos we have taken above, you can see the difference it makes immediately, making Aukey’s lens feel like its an expensive piece of kit, which it really isn’t. 

We’re looking to taking it out on our travels and getting more use out of it because, at its current price, it’s a high-quality add-on for your mobile photography at a very cheap price.

Aukey 2 in 1 Lens Kit


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  • Low Cost
  • Great Build
  • Makes a Difference
  • Easy to Use and Set Up


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